The Story OF Vasansi Jaipur!

Of the charm of being in a long-run family business,
Of the values transferred down seven generations in textiles and handicrafts

Of the chaos of the colorful pink city, and the beauty that lies within,
Of how each visit to the old city influences, inspires us

Of the unknown faces, those emotions, those smiles, somehow contributing to our growth story
We are here in a way, we couldn't have known of, and they became part of this beautiful film, in a way they didn't know of

Of the Root under our full grown Tree, Our Real Maker, The Master of Colors


jaipur saree kendra

when it all began

master of colors

bandhej & leheriya


manufacturing extent

"We are driven by an unknown force, creating fresh prints, experimenting with patterns, playing with colours, producing new each day. Not bounded by the constraints of set collections or seasons, we manufacture around hundred new styles every month. The products showcased digitally in each collection are a mere glimpse of the vast expanse of Vasansi Jaipur's production."

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