your garment's production cycle


A garment's lifecycle starts with us by procuring the best of GREIGE FABRICS, organic, breathable, lighweight!


Prints and patterns are ever evolving at Vasansi Jaipur, processed on fabric with utmost care, using only SKIN-FRIENDLY dyes & colors


With each step happening In-House and no single Process being Outsourced, the PRINTED FABRIC QUALITY we offer is unmatched 


Creating NEW each day, From regular wear to Lehengas we master it all!


Artisans are our strength, we stay on a endevour to support artisanal families and we did even during the current crisis!


The product Cycle culminates here, without the involvement of any middlemen. Each garment made with love only by the Vasansi family, our staff, our biggest asset

the process

"From Inception to Campaign"

the journey in two words

The Vasansi family is seven generations strong into Jaipur textiles and handicrafts. During British Raj our ancestors catered to the royals. Jaipur Saree Kendra, our parent company got established in 1956 in the prestigious old city of Jaipur but it was Shailendra Sancheti who took it to new, unimaginable heights.

He started his first manufacturing unit for textile printing in 1983. The production increased manifold, and so did the retail and wholesale operations. In 2007, his son, Samprati Sancheti, joined work and the father-son duo went ahead setting up Vasansi Jaipur. With a sprawling new store in Jaipur, the horizons started expanding beyond our signature range of self-manufactured products. Fresh line of thought, new age technologies & global influences shaped our offering.

Know "our story"


"We are driven by an unknown force, creating fresh prints, experimenting with patterns, playing with colours, producing new each day. Not bounded by the constraints of set collections or seasons, we manufacture around hundred new styles every month. The products showcased digitally in each collection are a mere glimpse of the vast expanse of Vasansi Jaipur's production."

The manufacturing process at Vasansi Jaipur starts with procuring grey fabric (white THAAN) directly from textile mills in Bangalore, Benaras, Mumbai, Surat and weavers in remote villages (sourcing over 500 types of fabric from approximately a total of around 200 vendors). Then from dyeing, printing and further processing the fabric in our 33 years old factory, to product sampling and stitching in our other humongous unit in Sitapura. The entire production cycle involved in creating a garment takes place in-house at Vasansi Jaipur. 

Vasansi Jaipur(JSK) has been innovating fabric processing techniques since decades, always engrossed in creating new and better ways to do so. In our factories, there are multiple machines for Jigar Dyeing, fabric Padding and rolling. The Boiler and Steamer occupy almost 2500 sqft. of space. Despite investing heavily in machinery, we haven't disturbed the balance between our traditional crafts and advanced printing. We have over 30 hand block printing tables and 400 metres screen printing capacity with a collection of over 1000 blocks and hundreds of screens with multiple hand dye baths.


Pioneers of regional art and craft on textile, since 1993, we have around thousands of ladies in the shekhawati region of Rajasthan crafting Bandhej for us. Leheriya, Shibori are dip dyed and brought to life for us in the villages adjoining Jaipur.

Being a India Handloom Brand store, we have been supporting weavers and promoting dying weaving practices by translating weaves in indo-western garments, traditionally used simply for sarees. Outfits made such, witnessed breakthrough sales and a wider acceptance amongst customers, owing to changing trends and needs of the modern Indian Woman. Mr. Sancheti printed those already woven fabrics, managing to print even over 'Zari', giving them a updated look, unseen before. The Ministry of Textile itself appreciated such innovative use of those fabrics.

Being environmentally conscious, all the waste water goes through our privately owned ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) before discharge. We also have an industrial RO in place.

vasansi jaipur's operations


Our company owned showrooms are in the most prime locations of each if these cities- JAIPUR, DELHI, INDORE, AHMEDABAD


We host our individual week exhibitions in over twenty cities annually namely,

Bangalore (Lalit Ashok), Chennai (Amethyst), Hyderabad (Taj Deccan), Delhi (Samavar, GK), Mumbai (Cymroza Art Gallery), Calcutta, Pune, Raipur, Nagpur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Ghuwati, Baroda, Bhopal and others.

vasansi jaipur's operations